Forex robot Leprechaun (Leprechaun)

Free forex robot Leprechaun

Welcome to the official website of the Leprechaun trading robot (Forex advisor, Forex expert, Forex bot Leprechaun).

Only here you can download the original Leprechaun forex robots from the author and use them for free through the RoboForex broker affiliate program or buy activation for a trading account of any broker.

Here you can read the description for any version of the Leprechaun robot, watch a video, download settings for bots - set files from users. Also undergo training on installing and configuring Leprechaun robots. Rent a cheap but reliable VPS server for Leprechaun robots.

Leprechaun robot monitoring

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Robot Battle Leprechaun

Robot Battle Leprechaun

Activation of robot Leprechaun

2 ways:

Partnership with Leprechaun

Become my partner on RoboForex and earn money together with me and the Leprechaun bots.

When registering write partner code: mstk and you will be included in my 5-level affiliate network.

You'll get:

  • Leprechaun bots, which you can give to your partners by developing your affiliate network and earning money from the affiliate program of the RoboForex broker.

  • Individual approach: development of a rebrand (a bot with your name, design, and type of settings) with automatic activation for partners or manual activation for sales.

How does this happen?:

The first thing you need to know is that with Leprechaun bots, you are pumping your affiliate program from the RoboForex broker (as your superior partner, I will receive only a small percentage of your success and not from you personally, but from the broker's earnings on commissions).

The second thing you need to know is that earning on the RoboForex broker's affiliate program is very decent money. I've been doing this for several years now and the income is growing every year. For example, in 2023, the income from the affiliate program amounted to about $50,000. According to statistics in the broker's office, I see that my partners earn more than me and this is good!

To become my partner, you need to register an account with the mstk code and you will get into my 5-tier affiliate network. Leprechaun robots will be activated automatically for you and your partners when you open an account. Instructions for registering with a broker.

You only give your partners your affiliate code (not mine) for both account registration and account opening! Your partners will be assigned only to you and forever!

If you still have questions about earning money on the broker's affiliate program, write to me in person I am always open to my partners and ready to help!

Installing the robot Leprechaun

5 steps:

VPS server for Leprechaun robots

VPS server (VPS server) is a virtual server (computer) to which you get remote access. On this remote computer you will install the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal and the Leprechaun bot in it.

VPS is necessary for uninterrupted round-the-clock operation of the trading terminal in which the Leprechaun robot trades.

The cost of VPS is low, today you can rent a VPS for $4.5 dollars per month, and if you pay for the year at once, only $3.96 dollars per month.

I recommend that you use a time-tested, cheap, reliable VPS service with an affiliate program. VPS server for 1 terminal for only $4.5 (MICRO tariff), for five terminals for only $6.59 ( ADVANCED tariff). I use this VPS myself and my partners too.

Leprechaun robots

Attention! Increasing the first digit in the bot version number is not an update to the bot. These bot versions have different trading strategies and are not a continuation of each other (with the exception of version 3.X, which was an improvement on version 2.X).

Risks! Please note that each version of the Leprechaun bot has a label in the upper right corner that shows how aggressive the robot is. You need to keep an eye on aggressive bots, stop the bot in difficult trading situations, top up your deposit, and resolve things manually. If you do not understand how this is done, it is better not to use robots labeled as "high risk". Robots labeled as "low risk" may trade more conservatively and do not increase the size of the order grid quickly. Robots labeled “medium risk” are somewhere between high and low risk and should also be kept an eye on.

Leprechaun school

Школа Лепрекон - обучение по установке и настройке форекс роботов Лепрекон

Take training at the Leprechaun school and you will learn many technical aspects of working with the broker’s office, VPS, trading terminal and the Leprechaun robot.

Action plan for today

Launch the Leprechaun bot in 5 steps ...